13 Worst Train Crash in History from World War I until Today

What is the worst train crash in the history of humankind? Trains are among the most commonly used forms of transportation. 

13 Worst Train Crash in History from World War I until Today

People rely on trains to get to various places efficiently. Usually, train travel is considered safe, and it's a popular choice for many travelers. 

However, there are times when unfortunate events, like crashes, can occur. While such incidents are not very common, they do highlight the importance of safety measures and precautions. 

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13 Worst Train Crash in History

Here’s the list of the deadliest train crash.

1. The Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne Tragedy 1917

The Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne derailment of 1917 was a tragic train accident in France. During WW I, a troop train derailed, resulting in the deaths of around 800 people. 

The disaster was caused by a combination of factors, including poor maintenance of the tracks and overcrowding of the train. 

This devastating event stands as one of the deadliest train accidents in history and it’s very gloomy.

2. The Ciurea Rail Disaster

The Ciurea rail disaster took place on January 13, 1917, amid WW I. This tragic event resulted in the death of approximately 700 individuals. 

The disaster unfolded due to the rush caused by the threat of Nazi German forces, leading to overcrowding on the train. This incident serves as a somber reminder of the challenges faced during wartime.

3. Bihar Worst Train Crash

What led to the tragic train crash in Bihar that claimed over 500 lives? The exact cause behind the train derailing remains unclear. 

According to some accounts, the train's operator abruptly used the brakes to avoid hitting a cow on the tracks. Moreover, the heavy rains could have contributed to the slippery conditions. 

4. Guadalajara Train Disaster

In Mexico, the Guadalajara train disaster took place on January 22, 1915, resulting in the tragic death of more than 600 individuals. 

This incident unfolded during the midst of the Mexican Revolution, which was fully underway in 1915. Amidst the upheaval of the revolution, this disaster adds to the somber history of the time.

5. UFA Worst Train Crash

Taking place on June 4, 1989, in the Iglinsky District of the Bashkir, the Ufa train disaster marked a tragic railway accident. 

An explosion during this incident resulted in the devastating loss of 575 lives and left 800 individuals injured. This event stands as the deadliest rail disaster within Soviet history during times of peace. 

6. India 2002 Train Tragedy

In 2002, a fast train journeying from Kolkata to New Delhi derailed and fell into a river, resulting in the tragic demise of a minimum of 121 individuals. 

This mishap occurred to the south of the Bihar state capital, Patna. The incident underlines the significance of train safety.

7. India 1999 2 Trains Crashed

The next worst train crash happened in India again. In August 1999, a tragic incident unfolded in Guwahati, Assam state, as two trains crashed into each other head-on, resulting in the heartbreaking loss of over 285 lives. 

This collision highlights the critical importance of maintaining train safety measures and adhering to regulations. 

The catastrophic outcome of this event serves as a stark reminder of the dire consequences that can arise from lapses in proper train operations.

8. India 1998 Tragic Train Crash

In November 1998, a grave incident occurred in Khanna, a northern town, as two trains collided, resulting in the tragic loss of 210 lives. 

The collision transpired when a passenger train collided with cars that had become disconnected from another train. This shocking accident underscores the need for stringent safety protocols and the significance of ensuring proper connections. 

9. India 2010 Collision

In 2010, a tragic and one of the worst train crash occurred in West Bengal state where a passenger train derailed and was subsequently struck by a cargo train, leading to the devastating loss of 145 lives.

 Authorities attributed the crash to sabotage by Maoist rebels. This event serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers posed by acts of sabotage. 

10. India 2016 Crash

In 2016, a grave incident occurred as a passenger train between Indore and Patna derailed, tragically resulting in the loss of at least 146 lives. The train slid off the tracks, causing more than 200 individuals to sustain injuries. 

This event underscores the paramount importance of maintaining railway safety measures and the need for proper track maintenance. 

11. India 1998 Train Collision

In 1998, a tragic worst train crash incident unfolded in the northern town of Khanna. A collision between two trains led to the heartbreaking loss of 210 lives. 

The disaster occurred when a passenger train collided with cars that had become disconnected from another train. 

This event serves as a grim reminder of the importance of maintaining proper connections and safety measures on the tracks. The dire consequences of such accidents highlight the significance of ensuring smooth and secure railway operations.

12. India 1995 Train Crash

In August 1995, near New Delhi, a tragic incident unfolded when two trains collided, resulting in the devastating loss of 358 lives. 

The collision occurred because one of the trains had come to a halt after hitting a cow. 

This unfortunate event highlights the critical importance of prompt actions and communication during such emergencies. 

13. Congo Worst Train Crash

In a remote region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a tragic incident occurred when a goods train, packed with numerous unauthorized passengers, derailed and crashed. 

The accident resulted in the heartbreaking loss of at least 136 lives. Due to the difficult terrain, many of the victims had to be laid to rest in mass graves situated nearby. 

This catastrophe underscores the need for proper travel regulations and railway safety measures, and it serves as a somber reminder of the severe consequences that can stem from such accidents.

With All those Worst Train Crash, Is Travelling by It Still Safe?

Train disaster happened and still happening. It's essential for train operators and authorities to continuously ensure the well-being of passengers by maintaining tracks, equipment, and following strict safety protocols. 

It’s especially important issue in developing country like India or Congo. However, despite these rare occurrences, train travel remains a relatively secure mode of transportation for people around the world.

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You should not afraid of travel using it just because you know the worst train crash in history. Remember, the number of car crashes exceeds those of trains.

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