Geneva Train Station: Ticket, Schedule, and WiFi at Gare Cornavin

Find all the information you need to know about Geneva train station on Zeleznice. If you are a tourist, it will help you a lot.

Geneva Train Station
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Who wouldn't fall in love with the charms of Geneva? Geneva is a special city for many reasons. Firstly, it's located by a big lake called Lake Geneva, which makes the city really beautiful. 

Additionally, the city is known for being a place where many international organizations are, like the United Nations. 

Want to come here? Why not? Read our explanation to know about their train station.

Geneva Train Station Name

The name of the train station in Geneva is "Gare Cornavin." This train station is quite beautiful with its big glass windows that let in lots of light. 

You might see people rushing around with their suitcases, catching trains to different places. If you're lucky, you might even spot a train arriving or departing from one of the platforms. 

So, Gare Cornavin is not only a place to catch a train but also a nice spot to see and experience the busy world of train travel.

Geneva Airport to Geneva Train Station

When you arrive at Geneva Airport, getting to the train station is quite easy. You can take a short ride on a train or a bus. Notably, signs at the airport will show you the way. 

Just follow them to reach the train station. From there, you can catch a train to other places or explore the city. 

Moreover, the journey from Geneva Airport to the Geneva train station doesn't take too long. It usually takes around 7 to 10 minutes by train or bus. 

Importantly, the airport is quite close to the train station, so you won't have to travel for a very long time. This makes it convenient to get from the airport to the train station and start your next adventure.

Ticket Price and Supersaver at the Gare Cornavin Station

You can buy the ticket at the station. The cost varies. For example, if you want to go to the city center, it will only cost you CHF 3. But if you want to go to Zurich, you have to spend at least 26 CHF or 30 US Dollar. 

It would be best to check the price on the SBB sites. Furthermore, you can't buy a supersaver at the station. A supersaver will save 70% of your budget, but it may be too costly if you don't have a plan to explore the country by the train extensively.

However, in case you want to use a supersaver, buy it first from SBBB app or website. Be careful when filling the form because you can not change your route or class by using it.

Geneva Train Station Schedule

The schedule usually has the times and platforms for the trains. You can find it at the train station or online. Here are 2 timetables that you can use. Look at the departure of Geneva Airport station at each table.

Geneva Airport station schedule

Geneva station to airport schedule timetable

But be cautious! It's important to check the schedule online because it may change. 

About the Luggage Storage

If you have big bags or suitcases and want to explore Geneva without carrying them around, the train station has a luggage storage service at the east wing. It's even available with automatic locker.

This convenient service offers a safe place where you can leave your bags for some time. Additionally, you usually need to pay a fee based on the size of your bags and how long you want to store them. 

The price? CHF 6.00 a day or 6.27 Euro or 6.77 US Dollar.

Importantly, this is really helpful if you arrive early or have some time before your train. As a result, you can enjoy the city without your heavy bags and come back to collect them later. 

Just remember to keep your receipt safe, so you can get your bags back easily from the Gare Cornavin station!

Facilities at Geneva Train Station

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • mobilityEasy Car: It will cost you around CHF 39
  • Bike Rental at East Wing: 
  • Travel consultation at the Mall Central
  • Currency Exchange at the Mall Central
  • Parking space

How to access the Wi-Fi?

It's actually very easy. You can access the 'SBB-FREE' network at locations with WLAN capabilities. Once you complete the registration, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy free internet browsing at all stations that offer this service.

Are There Shops?

Ever wondered what could make a journey with train even better? How about enjoying a tasty snack along the way?

And yes, there are shops in the Geneva train station where you can buy some snacks. These shops have various things you might need while traveling other than snacks, like drinks, magazines, and even small gifts. 

Some shops you may like:

West Wing

  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Greens
  • Chicoree
  • Amavita

East Wing:

  • Bloody Bar
  • Gidor
  • A lot of kiosks

So, if you forgot something or want to grab a treat for your journey, you can find what you need right at the Geneva train station.

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