Trains in Switzerland: All Info from Ticket Prices to Top Routes

Isn't exploring Switzerland by train an incredibly enjoyable and captivating experience? Firstly, taking the train in Switzerland is great. Moreover, Switzerland is surely renowned for its unparalleled blend of natural splendor. 

Glacier express train in switzerland
Bernia Express

This affluent country boasts a wealth not only in terms of its strong economy but also in the breathtaking landscapes that grace its diverse regions. From the majestic Alps to serene lakeshores, Switzerland's beauty is captivating. 

Additionally, the country's precision and efficiency extend to its cities, where historical charm harmonizes with modern innovation. With a commitment to environmental sustainability and a rich cultural heritage, Switzerland stands as a shining example of a truly rich and beautiful nation.

It's no wonder that Swiss has a lot of tourists visiting their country just to experience the beautiful train journey. Other than that, people also come to the country to pursue their education or get a job. For them, a train journey is mostly about efficiency.

And that's why, here in Zeleznice, we will give you several tips to use this railed vehicle whether you are a tourist or just a new resident in this country.

Famous Train Route in Switzerland for Tourists

If you are a tourist, you can consider these 5 beautiful train routes.

1. Glacier Express

Ticket price: At least CHF 152 or $172 or €158

Glacier express train in swiss

The Glacier Express is a train that goes from Zermatt in the west of Switzerland to St-Moritz in the east. Can you believe it takes about six to eight hours to travel between the mountains? 

People often call it the "slowest train in the world," but the views of the mountains are so beautiful that you won't want the train to go faster!

When you start from Zermatt, the first thing you'll see is the Matterhorn, which is a big mountain covered in snow. Have you ever seen such a majestic sight? It's one of the most famous things in Switzerland. 

Now, can you imagine going through tunnels and hundreds of bridges, all in the span of six to eight hours? You'll also pass by glaciers, mountain villages, viaducts, and really pretty Alpine views. Isn't that an incredible journey you dream of when thinking about train in Switzerland?

2. Golden Pass Line

Ticket price: At least 30 CHF or 31 USD or 30 Euro

Train in Switzerland

Additionally, the GoldenPass Line is another famous route, winding through charming villages and lush landscapes. It shows the traditional beauty of Europe.

3. Bernina Express

Ticket Price: At least 63 CHF or $71 or €65

Moreover, the Bernina Express stands out for its twists and turns through the Swiss Engadin Alps. 

These remarkable routes collectively showcase Switzerland's natural beauty. When traveling on these trains, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery without worrying about driving. 

In conclusion, experiencing these famous Swiss train routes is an essential and unforgettable part of visiting this picturesque country.

4. Jungfrau Railway

Ticket price: Around 160 CHF or 167 Euro or $180 USD

Jungfrau Railway

Can you imagine standing on a glacier at the top of a snow-capped mountain with views all the way to the Black Forest on a clear day?

The old Jungfrau train goes up really high more than 3000 meters above the sea. It goes through big mountains with windows in them so you can see the amazing view such as the Black Forest in Germany. 

At this journey of train in Switzerland, you can also enjoy the stunning ice sculptures, a glacier you can walk on, a restaurant, and a chocolate shop really high up. 

5. Gornergrat Cog Railway

Ticket price: CHF 55 or 65 USD or 57 Euro

Gornergrat Cog Railway Train in switzerland

Could you ever imagine a train that's like a modern marvel, taking you from a low spot at 1,603 meters near Zermatt to a breathtaking 3 thousands meters at the top in just half an hour? At the summit, behold one of Switzerland's most astonishing vistas – the iconic Matterhorn and the surrounding peaks and glaciers. 

nd when it's time to head back down to Zermatt, wouldn't you love to explore the charming village, with its car-free streets, brimming with cozy bars and restaurants? A yes, means that you should travel with this train.

The Route of the Travel Train in Switzerland

The routes vary depending on the journey you take. For the 3 expresses, here are the map's routes.

train in switzerland route map

How Much Does It Cost to Use Train in Switzerland?

Using trains in Switzerland is indeed straightforward. Ticket prices depend on factors like distance and type of train. Short trips are reasonably priced. 

You also want to differentiate between the cost of using regular train and the cost of scenic train like the Glacier express. 

Travel Train Cost

  • The Glacier express will cost you CHF 152 ($172) for the second class to CHF 268 ($304) for the first class. 
  • The Golden Pass Line in general is cheaper. You can ride it for at least 30 CHF or 31 USD. 
  • The Bermina Express is not that far. It will cost you 63 CHF or $71 in 2nd class and 111 CHF ($121) in 1st class.

Regular Train Cost in Swiss

If you want to use a regular train in Switzerland, here the guides:

First, When you want to travel within the Swiss by train, there's a fixed price for your journey, regardless of which train you select on that day. 

Second, using train in Swiss is expensive, so it's better to use 6-day Swiss SAVER Pass for your travel within Switzerland.

Third, are you aware that if you're planning a round journey between two places, the cost of a round-trip ticket is the same as purchasing two separate one-way tickets?

Fourth, well here's something interesting: children often get to travel at no cost or at least way cheaper than adults.

Fifth, also, did you know that with a regular Swiss ticket, you're allowed to explore during your journey, as long as you complete the entire ride on the same day?

Sixth, now, for longer journeys, have you considered the possibility of finding more affordable Supersaver tickets? You could save more than 50% compared to the regular fare. You're able to purchase these tickets up to 2 months before your journey.

Seventh, and here's our last tip: if you spot a black triangle with a percentage symbol next to a departure time, it's a sign that a Supersaver fare is available.

Are Train in Switzerland Late?

Trains in Swiss are usually on time. Delays are rare. The Swiss value punctuality very much. Trains follow tight schedules. Stations have real-time updates. You can trust the departure times.

Even in winter, trains run smoothly. Snow doesn't cause major disruptions. So, if you're traveling by train in Switzerland, you can expect reliable and timely service.

As a tourist or new citizen in the country it will definitely ease your experience in the country.

SBB: The Operator of Train in Switzerland

Switzerland's train operator is very efficient. There are several company, but the famous one is the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). SBB runs most trains. Their trains are clean and well-maintained.

They assist with tickets and information. Trains connect cities and towns seamlessly and stations have self-service machines. 

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The Beautiful View We Can See

Traveling by train in Switzerland is indeed a fantastic experience. Why? Well, first, as we on Zeleznice often say, you can see glaciers and mountains without driving. The views from the train windows are breathtaking.

The Glacier Express is surely famous. It crosses the Alps, offering stunning views. Trains are comfy, so you can relax and soak it all in. No need to worry about roads or parking. Just sit back and enjoy. 

Whether you're into skiing, hiking, or just admiring nature, Swiss trains make it easy. Experience Switzerland's beauty in comfort from the train window.

After all, it can be said that travel by train in Switzerland is always fun experience. It's fun and easy for tourists, students, or new residents in the country.

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