Yurikamome Line Map: Stations, Airport Links, and Tourist Attraction

Are you ready for an exciting train ride? Hop on board the driverless monorail in Japan that takes you on an amazing journey. In this article, we will share the Yurikamome line map, the monorail that everyone's talking about.

However, first let's talk about this monorail a little bit.

Yurikamome: A To Do List in Japan to Get the Robot Train Adventure

Why It's a Nice Idea to Travel with Yurikamone?

This train is like a friendly robot that runs on tracks, taking people on a special ride. It's not just any train, it's a fun and unique experience that you won't forget. 

This train doesn't have a driver inside. Instead, it's guided by clever computers and sensors that make sure it goes exactly where it should.

Travelling with it also means that you can see Japan from a nice point of view. You can also spot some important building like the rainbow bridge.

Well, it's not a bridge with actual rainbows, but it's just as cool! This colorful bridge stretches across the bay, and the Yurikamome takes you right under it. It's like sailing under a gigantic work of art.

One of the coolest things about this train is how it curves and twists, almost like a roller coaster. But don't worry. After alll it's a gentle ride that anyone can enjoy. Moreover, it's like the train is giving you a friendly wave as it goes around corners, showing you more and more of the city.

Yurikamone's Line Map

Use this line map to help your travel around Tokyo with ease. It shows all the stations along the monorail route, making it simple for visitors to navigate the city. Whether you're exploring famous landmarks or discovering hidden gems, this map is your guide to an enjoyable and stress-free Tokyo adventure.

Yurikamome's line map
Image source: yurikamome.jp

0-3 Kilometers (0 - 1.8 miles)

The Yurikamome monorail takes you to many cool places. It all begins at Shimbashi Station, which connects you to various train lines like JR Yamanote, Tokaido, Keihin-Tohoku, etc.

Also, you can hop on Tokyo subway trains at Shimbashi. As you ride along, you'll reach Shiodome Station at 0.4 kilometers, where you can explore shops and offices. Then, at 1.6 kilometers, Takeshiba Station awaits, followed by Hinode Station at two point two kilometers. 

A special treat is the Shibaura-Futo Station at 3.1 kilometers, where the train goes in a big loop to cross the Rainbow Bridge, giving you amazing views. 

7-10 Kilometers (4 - 6 miles)

Keep going, and you'll find Odaiba-Kaihinkoen at 7 kilometers, the closest stop to the Sony Explora Science Museum and the Tokyo Teleport Station. 

Next up, at 7.8 kilometers, is Daiba Station, your gateway to Aqua City shopping malland more. At Tokyo Cruise Terminal Station, at about eight kilometers, lets you visit cool places like the Museum of Maritime Science. 

Afterward, at about nine kilometers, you'll reach Telecom Center Station, close to the Telecom Center building and the Miraikan. At 10.2 kilometers, Aomi Station is near Palette Town mall with exciting attractions. 

10-12 Kilometers (6 - 7.5 miles)

Tokyo Big Sight Station, at 11.3 kilometers, is the stop for Tokyo Big Sight convention center. 

Then, at 12 kilometers, you'll find Ariake Station, close to the Panasonic Center and Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel.

Yurikamome's Line Map: Airport Links

The Yurikamome monorail is connected to many airports in Japan. You can catch it at stations like Shimbashi airport, Takeshiba, Odaiba, Ariake, and Toyosu. This makes it really convenient for travelers going to or coming from these places. So, if you're planning a trip, the Yurikamome can help you get there easily.

Yurikamome's Line Map: You Can Go to Odaiba

This monorail is alson an explorer. It takes you to places where you can have loads of fun. One of them is Odaiba.

It's an island of excitement, and this train is your ticket to get there. You can visit gigantic malls, see life-sized Gundam robots, and even ride a giant Ferris wheel. It's like stepping into a dreamland of entertainment!

Whether you're a grown-up or a kid, this robot vehicle has something for everyone. It's like a friendly robot friend that welcomes you on board and takes you on an adventure. 

Where’s Yurikamome Located in Japan?

For tourists, reaching the monorail locations is super easy! You can find it at all station on the above Yurikamome line map such as:

  • Shimbashi
  • Shiodome 
  • Odaiba-Kaihinkoen
  • Takeshiba 
  • Shibaura-Futo
  • etc

In general, The Yurikamome train connects different parts of Tokyo, like Shimbashi and Shiodome Area, Takeshiba to Shibaura and Rainbow Bridge Area, Odaiba and Aomi Area, Ariake Area, and Toyosu Area. It's like a friendly link that helps people travel between these cool places.

Ticket Price for Yurikamome

Now, let's talk about the money part. Adults, which means the grown-ups, pay a bit more than the kids. For the big people, the fares are ¥190, ¥260, ¥330, and ¥390. And for the kids, the fares are ¥100, ¥130, ¥170, and ¥200. 

Please read this article if you want to get the full price in Yen, AUD, Euro, and US Dollar: All Info About Yurikamome

At the end of the day, we can say that traveling with this monorail is wonderful. It's nice and quite cheap. And with a Yurikamome line map, you can travel wherever you like!

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