FAQ Yurikamome Fare, Routes, Station List, and Special Discount

In Tokyo, a big and exciting city in Japan, there's a special way to travel that feels like a futuristic adventure. It's called the Yurikamome monorail, and it's not like your usual trains or buses. In this article, we'll take you on a simple journey to explore what makes it so cool and different.

All Info about Yurikamome Ticket

A Little Bit of History

The monorail started running in November 1995, around the time Tokyo was having a big event called the Tokyo Bay Expo. Imagine it as a big show to celebrate how amazing Tokyo had become. That's when this unique train began its journey, and it's been zipping around the city ever since.

What's So Special About Yurikamome?

No Driver Needed: The first thing you'll notice on it is that there's no driver up front. That's right! It's like a super-smart robot train. Computers and machines control everything, making sure you get to your destination safely.

Cool Views: One of the best things about the railed monorail is the incredible views it offers. As it travels above the ground, you'll get to see Tokyo Bay, impressive skyscrapers, and even a glimpse of the Rainbow Bridge. It's like a moving picture show outside your window!

Modern Comfort: The inside of the Yurikamome is comfortable and modern. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. There are even some cool stations along the way where you can hop off and explore.

Smooth and Quiet: Riding on the monorail is a smooth and peaceful experience. Unlike some noisy trains, this one quietly glides along its tracks, giving you a relaxing trip.

Perfect for Sightseeing: If you want to explore Tokyo's waterfront areas, it is your perfect buddy. It stops at key places like Odaiba and Shimbashi, making it easy to see all the fun attractions in these areas.

Yurikamome’s Routes and Station

From Shidome Station

Starting at 0 kilometers, we have Shimbashi Station. Moving along the line, at 0.4 kilometers or 0.25 miles, we reach Shiodome Station, where you can explore Shiodome.

Continuing our journey, we arrive at Takeshiba Station, which is 1.6 kilometers or 1 miles into the ride. Afterward, at 2.2 kilometers, we reach Hinode Station, followed by Shibaura-Futo Station. This station provides an incredible view of the Rainbow Bridge.

As we progress riding the monorail, we find ourselves at Odaiba-Kaihinkoen Station, seven kilometers from the starting point. It's the closest station to the Sony Explora Science Museum.

Grand Pacific Route

Next up, at 7.8 kilometers, is Daiba Station, a crucial access point to Aqua City shopping mall, Hilton, Grand Pacific, and Symbol Park.

Moving forward, at 8.4 kilometers, we arrive at Tokyo International Cruise Terminal Station, which is conveniently located near the Museum of Maritime Science. Our journey with Yurikamome takes us to Telecom Center Station at 9.2 kilometers, right next to the Telecom Center building and the Monogatari Hot Springs.

At about ten kilometers, we reach Aomi Station, which is near the Palette Town mall and Zepp Tokyo. Continuing our futuristic journey, we arrive at Tokyo Big Sight Station, the nearest station to the Tokyo Big Sight convention.

Gas Museum

At twelve kilometers, Ariake Station is closest to the Panasonic Center and the Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel.  Then, we find Ariake-Tennis-No-Mori Station, your stop to access the Ariake Coliseum.

Progressing along the line of our travel, at about thirteen kilometers, we reach Shijō-Mae Station, right next to the new Toyosu Market. Finally, at fourteen kilometers, you'll find Shin-Toyosu Station, adjacent to the MIFA Football Park. Here you can access the Gas Museum.

Yurikamome’s Ticket Price

Want to ride it? A nod means that you need to at least spend 190 Yen or 1.3 USD. You can also go further and spend $2.47. There’s also a special price for 820 yen that lets you ride as much as you want.

You can also get a discount if you have Suica, Pasmo, or Manaca. These cards are like magic cards that make your train journey even simpler. If you have an these card, you can use it to go through the gates. These gates are like doors that open when they see your special card. 

When you're done with your this train’s adventure, and you want to get off, the IC card helps you again. The money you need to pay gets taken from your card when you leave. 

For the grown-ups, the money they take off your card is ¥189, ¥251, ¥325, and ¥388. And for the kids, it's ¥94, ¥125, ¥162, and ¥194. 

Anyway, here’s the price list in Yen, Euro, and USD, and AUD (Australian Dollar) without discounts.

Yurikamone’s Ticket Price

TL;DR about Yurikamome

The monorail is a fantastic way to travel in Tokyo. It's unique, easy, and filled with amazing views. Whether you're a local or a visitor, riding it is like taking a little adventure in the heart of Japan's bustling capital. 

The price? It’s still reasonable.  So, next time you're in Tokyo, be sure to hop on this futuristic train for a memorable ride! Remember the name! It’s the beautiful Yurikamome.

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